Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Garter Give-Away!!

It has been a while since I last posted.  And here we are in a new year already, the month of January half over and spring time not really all that far off, if we let our imaginations take a hold of our senses for just a bit.  :-)  
Our cold weather has only just arrived, letting us know that winter has only just begun.  But I still have my mind on spring time, which means wedding time for many.  I am starting out this first post of 2012 with a big bang - The Great Garter Give-Away!
Yup, I am having a give-away, or more specifically Nancy over at
is having the give away and I am supplying the garter for the lucky winner.  Just hop on over to Nancy's blog, follow her directions, and become eligible to win one of my garters or garter sets.
If you need a bridal garter, know someone in the family who does, or perhaps a friend is marrying soon, this would be the perfect chance for the bride to recieve one of my handmade silk garters.
Good luck to all who enter.  And have fun searching for your favorite garter among the many in both of my shops!



  1. What a lovely give away. I'm heading over now.

  2. What a wonderful beautiful give away. Some lucky bride is going to be delighted to have one of your treasures for her special day. How very nice of you to supply the prize for the give away.
    Stay warm and cozy

  3. Anyone would be happy to have one of your garters!! I have 1st hand knowledge of your talent & the quality of your fabrics.....
    Cold... cold.... cold here & very windy!!
    Take Care !!

  4. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I don't know anyone getting married, but sure know of lots who are having babies. I'm working on a baby granny stripe right now for one of the teachers at school who just had her first baby boy on the 9th. She named him Zackary (my Zack is 13 years old) and she gave her son the Arabic middle name, Khalid, because she wants him to remember that he was born in Kuwait. Her husband is from New Zealand and she is from Canada. Isn't that sweet? Sending warm hugs and wishes your way, Tammy

  5. Hi Debby,
    I wanted to come by to wish my sweet friend so far away a Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so sorry that I have been such a bad blogging friend this past year. I always think of you, but never seem to get an e-mail or a message to you. Just know that I do love this friendship and hope that we will see each other here once in awhile.
    Things are rather weird here this year as in the weather, and I have been able to get so many things done since I am not on the computer very much anymore. WOW, have we had an awesome winter. Very little snow and lots of warm weather. I love this and think I am getting very spoiled with it all. I hope all is great with you too. I imagine you are getting lots of sewing done. I have been able to be at the machine a lot this winter making things for family and a few things to sell this spring at the farmer's market in a nearby town. I decided that I would do about two of the markets the week my peonies are blooming to make some extra money. Dale has retired from law enforcement and while his pension is very good, it is not what we were used to living on. So I thought I would sew a little to make some money. My daughter wants me to have an etsy shop, but I'm not sure I would be able to keep it stocked. I'm pretty sporadic at making things.
    I hope you enjoy a great weekend dearest Debby.
    sending much love to you,

  6. Hey Debby, I keep wondering what you are up to over there. Hope all is well and that life is just keeping you extra busy. Wishing you all the best, Tammy