Monday, December 5, 2011

Cold weather suddenly here

I know that it is December, but deep down inside I am not quite ready for the arrival of true winter with all of its cold temperatures and snowy sleety rainy weather.
But I guess none of us have much choice in the matter and just have to make the best of it when it finally does arrive.  We were blessed with delightful weather the entire month of November, a real phenomenon here in my corner of the world, where November is notorious for the most awful dreary weather.
But this year we had lots of sunny days and quite mild temperatures, well, mild for here that is!

But over night the temperatures dropped from the 50's to only 35°, and getting colder out there by the minute. 

As least one of us is ready for the cold weather.  Cody loves wearing his brand new knit sweater.  He says, let the winter begin!