Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Garter Give-Away!!

It has been a while since I last posted.  And here we are in a new year already, the month of January half over and spring time not really all that far off, if we let our imaginations take a hold of our senses for just a bit.  :-)  
Our cold weather has only just arrived, letting us know that winter has only just begun.  But I still have my mind on spring time, which means wedding time for many.  I am starting out this first post of 2012 with a big bang - The Great Garter Give-Away!
Yup, I am having a give-away, or more specifically Nancy over at
is having the give away and I am supplying the garter for the lucky winner.  Just hop on over to Nancy's blog, follow her directions, and become eligible to win one of my garters or garter sets.
If you need a bridal garter, know someone in the family who does, or perhaps a friend is marrying soon, this would be the perfect chance for the bride to recieve one of my handmade silk garters.
Good luck to all who enter.  And have fun searching for your favorite garter among the many in both of my shops!