Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mountain Ash, a patient dog, and a beautiful sunset

 With all of the rain that we have seen of late, our moutain ash (or rowan berries) have really exploded.  While out walking with Cody I was able to capture these pictures. 
 Their vibrancy fascinated me, and all the birds in the area too, who flock (excuse the pun!) to this huge bush and have a feast.  The bush is quite large, having grown on the edge of our property for more then 40 years.
 Not sure what Cody saw off in the distance, but he stood perfectly still and I was happy to have snapped this photo of him.  He is such a pretty boy!
 He then waited patiently for me while I continued to snap photos of not only him....
 .........but of this fantastic sunset that we were privileged to see that evening.  Without much sunshine this summer, sunsets like this one have been few and far between.

 I captured the beauty of it as viewed through the corn stalks.

After that lovely little walk with Cody, I settled in for the rest of the evening hours and did some creating, and finished this sweet little pink garter with vintage satin trim, and right in the center of the big pink bow is an adorable vintage Czech glass mouse button!  I couldn't resist using it for this sweet silk confection of a garter!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.  The sun is shining this morning, so not a bad start so far!  I will take all that we can get this summer.  


  1. I also took a quick walk today but it wasn't quite as beautiful as yours. You were right ... that sunset is gorgeous!

    Cody is a very handsome fella! No doubt he brings you great joy!

    Another lovely garter and such a sweet button too. Have a great new week. Tammy

  2. wow what a beautiful sunset! and what a good dog to sit so still for you!
    our mountain ash trees haven't turned red yet...i love when they do. so do the crows & magpies!

  3. Hi Debby!! What a beautiful walk with a handsome boy!! :-))

    I hope you're having a good week!!

  4. Hi, Thanks for being my new follower at Rita's Recipes. I also have another blog, MAY DAYS. I'm from Germany and it's great to have a visitor from there. It's also wonderful to see your pictures. Hope to see you soon!