Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Garter Set

I recently had the huge pleasure of working with a customer on a custom ordered garter set for her wedding.  She had written to me explaining that she would like to have something in dusty blue, definitely vintage laces to match the style of her wedding gown, and a butterfly theme to the garter.  Her grandmother meant a great deal to her, a woman who had a passion for butterflies, and she wanted to her bridal garter to have something to do with those beautiful creations as a reflection of her love for a person who was sadly no longer in her life.  After trying several styles, each to do with a butterfly but in a different media such as butterfly buttons, larger and more colorful butterfly appliques, and my own sad try at making a butterfly from silk ribbons, this is the garter set that I created at the end of it all.  I fell in love with it and hoped the customer would too, and she did!  I could not have been more pleased. 

Dusty blue silk satin ribbons show off the beauty of the off-white vintage scalloped lace, and to that I hand stitched tiny butterfly appliques all around the entire garter.  The center is adorned with a blue silk bow and a double butterfly applique, giving it a 3 dimensional look.  The toss garter co-ordinates, but is kept simpler. Lastly,  I added tiny Swarovski crystals near the head of the butterfly, for just the perfect little touch of sparkle to a young lady's very special day.

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