Sunday, September 4, 2011


Running our own campground does not often allow us much free time, especially not in the middle of the summer season.  So when a chance came along for us to get some time off, we jumped at it and took the day to drive to the beach with some of our kids.  Only our 3rd day off all summer long, we really enjoyed the feel of "getting away from it all" and wished that the day could have never ended.  We did not let the cool temperatures bother us and headed right for Domburg in Holland on the coast of the North Sea, gladly accepting the 5 hour round trip just so we could see some ocean waves, feel the sand beneath our feet, and relax under a blue sky and the warmth of a late summer sun.  And we enjoyed just walking along the little promenade that parallels the beach, after we had eaten at a lovely Italian restaurant in town.

I will let the pictures do all the talking, showing you what it looks like at our beaches.  
 This is a golf course right next to the beach.  So pretty!

Tide was in, and the waters were rather calm.

Due to the cooler temps, the long stretches of beach were not over crowded.

Wild flowers grow on the natural dunes.

We were blessed with a blue sky that day, not always the case along the shore here.

These dunes are higher then they seem in this photo.

Cody came along for the day too and enjoyed it immensely.  I was like a proud grandmother, enjoying the antics of her "grandchild", aiming my camera at him many more times then I did at the scenery around me.

He spent his day doing what all happy dogs enjoy doing....  sunning himself on the sand....

...digging holes in the sand....

...waiting for someone to throw a stick his way....

...licking unsuspecting feet when ever one got too close to him...

...ready to chase a seagull...

...finding driftwood sticks to chew on...

...chasing that same stick when it was thrown....

...bringing it back for yet another round of chasing...

...digging more holes in the sand...

...hanging out with the kids....

...watching how people dig holes...

...then giving it a try himself!!

I captured this little bird running along the water's edge right before we packed up and left for home, sorry to leave such a wonderful day behind us, but happy that we had the chance to go and have so much fun.

I will be anxious to return again soon!!!

p.s.  Some how I ended up with one picture twice of Cody digging holes instead of the two different ones that it was suppose to be.  Don't know how to edit it out now.  Sorry.


  1. Hello my Friend :)
    I love this post. It looks like you had a wonderful day--blue skies, ocean waves, and family---what could be better. Your post had perfect timing as I am leaving for the beach this coming Saturday. I will stay for a week--I can't wait. I will be going with my best friend--just us girls. I hope that silly storm that is churning out there in the ocean keeps itself from coming a shore. I havn't had a vacation in several years so I am really looking forward to this one. My husband and son will be on their own for the week and will have to take care of the dogs :)
    Your post made me even more excited.
    Have a Happy weekend

  2. The ocean is my favorite place in the whole world. I could go every day, my biggest desire would be to live on the ocean. You have an absolutely beautiful beach and just love the dunes, I bet they are really hard to climb. I am on the east coast in the US and I just love being close to the ocean. My favorite time is off season when there is little to no one there. The dog photos were fun to see, and looks like a fun day for all. You need to get a few more days off to enjoy your beautiful piece of the world.

  3. I had forgotten that you don't get many days off, and I'm so glad you took advantage of it and went to one of my favorite places! I really love the beach and your photos remind me of why!

  4. So beautiful & refreshing!!
    I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

  5. Ooh what a pretty beach! Cody looks like he had a ball{ or a bucket of sand} Lol!l...cute pictures of the family too!

  6. Such a beautiful beach... as a child I sometimes went to Holland and spent a day at the beach. I love your dog, he definitely loves to dig holes! He's a beautiful guy - love the way he looks when one of the kids digs a hole. Very funny.

  7. Oh I love it when you take me along on your outings Debby. I almost missed this post because I have had so much company home for our Labor Day.
    I love the amazing coastline there. Beautiful!
    I loved all the pictures of Cody and your beautiful children!!!!! Wow, Debby, your girls are darling! I think Cody is such a pretty dog...every time I see him I just give a big sigh.
    I read your sweet comment, and thought, wow...Debby thinks of me too in her daily round. I think of you often too. I'm so glad we have this friendship. It means so much.
    sending love...

  8. Looks like a great getaway and that Cody sure is a cutie! I'm behind too since we were in Paris last week, then did laundry for a day or two, and it's been back to school the past 4-days. My sleep pattern is off so am feeling very tired and haven't been doing any crafting. The weekend is here, though -- hope you are having a great day! Tammy P.S. After visiting Paris, Hubby said that he wants us to go to Germany next. He's been there on business but I haven't been yet, so it might not be til next year, but I'm sure we will make it there at some point :)

  9. Wow-the beach is beautiful! I love the pictures of Cody playing and digging-he is so cute!



  10. Lovely, just lovely and sweet Cody is the bomb. What is the name of your campground and where is it located? I adore that this is what you do. I have often thought what fun (and work) it would be to run a campground. Sea Witch