Sunday, July 3, 2011


I can hardly believe that it has been several months since I last posted. How could I have let the time slip away like that?  There was a big family celebration to prepare for, and as always with things like that, they take up more time then one expects.  Then my sister flew over from the states to spend some time here with me, and we had a glorious week together!  So many times I would like to roll back the hands of time and relive our days together all over again!  Here is one of the places that we visited - a 600' tower right on the banks of the Rhine River in Düsseldorf.  From above I zoomed in with my camera to capture someone's funny artwork of stones in the sand below.

Here is a view of the Rhine River from above!  I love how it snakes around in curves and bends, so interesting to see its path from above.
And another view from the many glass windows of the tower.
Here is the city itself.  This is the promenade along the river, and part of the "old city", while the newer more modern buildings are the background.
 And the tower itself, which should have been the first picture that I wanted to share, but as usual blogger and me did not quite get along as we should have been and I uploaded the photos in the wrong sequence. :-)  The first one shows a zoom in from below, and the last picture is how the tower looks from below in real distance.  A looonngg way up! 

I have missed being here on blogger and sharing a story or two with one and all, a few pictures added in for the visual fun of it all.  I have been busy sewing garters and keeping my shops full of new and lovely items for brides-to-be, so will share some of the latest creations in my next post.  

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying your summer days!  


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