Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday breakfast at the B&B

Sunday morning, and I just finished a cup of hot steaming coffee, but wish I could go back to Brugge Belgium for the kind of breakfast we had at the Bed & Breakfast.  Hot coffee served in a pretty vintage pot plus a selection of fresh delicious rolls...

 Fresh squeezed orange juice and a plate of yummy cheeses, and tiny cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese...

Melon slices wrapped in smoked ham, crackers with salmon, and slices of cucumbers with a savory cream on top.  Everything was so lovingly and prettily prepared, I almost hated to eat any of it.

After the savory we had a bit of  sweet, teeny glasses of chocolate pudding plus fresh made fruit salad  (my favorite!). How nice it was to be served such a delicious and typcial European breakfast.  
Below is what we had on day 2.  Just as pretty, and just as yummy.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, and perhaps a breakfast that is as yummy as these were!


  1. Now THAT'S how to have breakfast! Where was that B&B again? Sure wish I could go:) Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  2. I've always wanted to stay in a B&B but haven't done so yet. One of these days :) I love having the typical breakfasts of a country - like idli, sambar and coconut chutney that I had in Nepal (typical Indian cuisine). It's so nice to start the day in a relaxing way and then have the whole day to explore. Have a good one. Tammy

  3. It all looks so yummy! I love staying at B&B's!